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The essentials of a chic entrance decor

chic entrance decor

You dream of a chic entryway decoration from the doorstep. Adopt an elegant and sophisticated style for a trendy and modern decoration! Our decorators present their best tips and their selection of essential accessories.

The essentials of a chic entryway decor

Do you dream of a chic entryway decor, but you don’t know how to go about it? Find out how to organize and revamp your room for a chic entryway decor.

1- What colors for the walls for a chic entryway decor?

1.1 Trend colors

First of all, for a chic and sophisticated decorative style, you will have to make the right choice in terms of colors. In the decorative details but also in the painting of your walls.

For this, our decorator shares with you the 5 trendy colors for a chic entryway decoration.

  • Burgundy red: warm and modern, it is a color that has an effect on an accent wall, for example!
  • Midnight blue: iconic color for a style like art deco for example, combined with gold, it’s the perfect combo!
  • Neutral colors: beige or pale pink bring lightness and give a clean look to your entryway.
  • Black: sobriety and elegance, this dark color brings a luxurious effect to your room.

1.2 A chic and modern wall covering

For a touch of originality and to enhance the decoration of your entryway hall, we advise you to play with the wallpaper. For example, wallpapering in patterns that contrast with the paint helps bring color and character to the room.

Create different atmospheres according to your desires, our decorator offers you some Rhinov project inspirations which will undoubtedly give you ideas for your entryway hall decoration.

2- Combine functionality with aesthetics for a chic decorative entryway

2.1 The choice of furniture

A pretty chic entryway decor, it is also played on the choice of furniture. We do not neglect the layout of your surface.

Adding a pretty designer console is the ideal solution to not only accentuate the type of decor styles, but also to bring functionality to your room. Choose tall furniture that visually frees up the space on the floor and highlights your decoration. Go for collections now on!

Similarly, you can add a bench or a velvet pouf which will bring fashion and elegance while adding a seat, a practical trick for putting on your shoes before going out! Place your furniture according to the configuration of your room and create a chic and sophisticated universe. Here are some furniture inspirations that will go perfectly with your chic entryway decor.

2.2 Storage

Choosing the right furniture also means thinking about functionality! For a chic atmosphere, you will need to eliminate clutter. No shoes lying around or accessories placed haphazardly. Maximizing the storage for a sleek effect right from the doorstep will accentuate the chic and sophisticated decorative style.

To do this, our decorator shares some storage tips with you:

  • Adding baskets or storage boxes will add an extra decorative element and will maximize the functionality of the space.
  • An essential for a trendy back to school: the shoe cabinet to minimize clutter and unattractive elements.
  • The storage compartment, a nice little detail that you don’t often think about. It allows you to deposit your keys and accessories.

3- The essential decorative details!

1- A large mirror

The mirror will bring light to your space while visually enlarging your room, perfect trick for an entryway.

To stay in the chic and sophisticated theme, we suggest you add a large GOLD-colored mirror which will give a luxurious appearance. Of all shapes and sizes, you can choose a mirror with moldings that will give a vintage touch to the decor.

2- Create your lighting atmosphere

An essential element of your art deco style is the luminous atmosphere! Clarity and luminosity during the day, and subdued atmosphere at nightfall. This trick will accentuate the decorative style of your choice.

Opt for LED strips or a pretty wall lamp that will amaze your guests.

Our decorator shares with you a small shopping list of trendy and modern suspensions that will make a splash in your chic entryway decor.

3- Coat hooks, a chic decorative element

We forget the coat rack that takes up a lot of space in a small entryway.

Instead, opt for coat hooks, even more so if you have a small entryway. Trendy and modern, you can find them in all styles. In brass, black or burgundy, choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Functional and practical, it is an additional decorative element that will also be used to hang your coats, scarf and hat without creating any mess in your entryway.

4- Trinkets for a chic entryway decor

After the layout and decoration of the walls, you can now worry about the small details.

While remaining in the idea of ​​the minimalist, you can add some trinkets that will accentuate the decorative style and that will serve as storage furniture for your entryway.

4 – Focus on a bling-bling style for a chic entryway decor

A chic and bling-bling entryway decoration for an assumed style. Our decorator shares with you a modern and elegant entryway project. This entryway brings together a chic atmosphere with a luxurious air, the choice of furniture has been carefully chosen to create a warm and trendy atmosphere.

Focus on decorative details:

Here we find an entryway open to a living room, the entryway hall gives a very modern and very chic side with its neutral colors and touches of gold on the decorative elements.

We also quickly find chic and designer art-deco style elements such as the ocher yellow velvet armchair and the large gold mirror. The favorite element of this project is the diamond chandelier! A bling-bling detail resembling grand luxurious palaces that brings charm and elegance to the room.

So, ready to revamp your entryway to bring a chic and sophisticated touch?

That’s it, you now have all the tips for creating a chic entryway decor. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact our Rhinov decorators to get your project 100% personalized to your liking.