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Effective Strategy For Broken Link Building to Improve Ranking

Effective Strategy For Broken Link Building to Improve Ranking

Broken link-building is a powerful link-building technique when it comes to off-page SEO. Broken link building is the process of building links from your competitors’ broken pages to improve your organic website ranking. Make sure to build quality backlinks not just quantity backlinks for better website ranking. Because there are many reasons why links from different websites may or may not work for ranking.

Broken links are bad for SEO and website visitors as they will greatly affect the website’s ranking. If any visitors show your 404 error pages, they will immediately go to other pages, so your website traffic will drop suddenly and also spoil the user experience. So today in this blog, I am going to show you a strategy for powerful broken link building. I have mentioned some steps if you follow then your website will definitely rank on search engine results pages. So let’s know about this topic.

1] Find Your Competitor Broken Pages

To achieve high website ranking on SERPs you have to analyze your competitors what they do and what strategies they follow. So first check your competitors’ links using some popular backlinks checker tools like SemRush or Ahrefs. Go to the Broken Links section page and export sheet then list all broken pages. I know this task is very complex and I am sure you don’t have enough knowledge about SEO, don’t worry about that you need to hire SEO marketing experts who have excellent knowledge in this field. To increase your website ranking and drive more visitors to your website, if you are looking in the city of Fresno, hire an SEO Fresno Company systematically.

2] Vet the Relevant Broken Link Pages

When you find broken link pages you need to check broken pages. For example, check web page authority and pages related to your topic. When you check for broken pages manually it takes a lot of time so use a tool or Chrome extension to find broken pages in just a few clicks. For that, you can use the free Check My Links or Check My Links Chrome extensions.

3] Create a Replacement Page

Now that you have checked the related broken link pages create a replacement page that you want to add your link to. If you find broken pages that partially match your niche, you need to create some point that matches your niche. To create a unique outline and text and make it user-friendly by adding links on appropriate anchor text.

4] Outreaching for Links

Outreach is the process where you are pitching your replacement pages to add your links. There are 2 formats for sending mail one is Shotgun Outreach and the other is Sniper Outreach. When you send bulk mail in a single format it is called shotgun outreach while creating a unique pitch and sending emails manually is called sniper outreach. Shotgun outreach will give you lower conversion rates compared to sniper outreach. If you are not a content writer there are many outreach formats available on the internet, just collect what you need and make an outreach formats list then start outreach to improve your website ranking as well as professional skills. If you don’t want to do that then you can hire an SEO marketing agency, as they have great expertise in outreach, website ranking, and advanced SEO.