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Green Cardamom Pods vs. Black Cardamom Pods

While green cardamom may be more popular, black cardamom has many benefits and can still be used in many different ways. These are the main differences between and cardamom pods .

Cardamom Pods

Elaichi is a spice that’s also known as cardamom. It can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. It is used in kheer, pulao and payasam in biryani. Cardamom is a popular ingredient in Indian desserts. It also adds flavour to masala chai’s favourite masala chai. Cardamom is a key ingredient in Indian cuisine, both traditional and modern. This holds true regardless of whether cardamom has been ground or whole.

You won’t find the same aroma or flavour with other spices or ingredients because of the contribution they make to the dish. Cardamom is used in traditional medicine to treat many ailments. These include the common cold, cough, acid reflux, high blood sugar, diabetes, and bad breath. The green variety is used more frequently in cooking and is called chhoti-elaichi. However, the black type, also known as moti-elaichi, has all the same health benefits and is equally versatile.

There Are Differences Between Green Cardamom (And Black Cardamom)

While everyone is familiar with “chhoti Elaichi”, (little cardamom), also known as green Cardamom pods, it may be unfamiliar to others. Its more fragrant and delicious cousin, moti Elaichi (big) cardamom, may still be a foreign name. Black Cardamom can be described as a spice similar to green cardamom but has a distinct flavour and fragrance. It is also known by the names Bengal cardamom or bigger cardamom. Despite its smokey nature, black cardamom adds a strong flavour to the dish.

Every cook needs to be aware that there are some fundamental differences between green cardamom pods and black cardamom pods .


The Elettaria cardamomum and Amomum families produce green cardamom pods . Black cardamom can also be called “longer cardamom”. Both varieties are derived from India, but the process of processing them is quite different. The pods of green cardamom must be harvested before the plant reaches its full Maturity. The black cardamom seeds can be harvested later and dried in huge fire pits.

In Taste And In Application

The green cardamom seeds as well as the Green Cardamom pods are extensively used in cooking. The whole black cardamom pods can be removed with only the seeds. They are then thrown away. Both green and black cardamom have strong flavours. The black variety has a stronger aroma that is reminiscent of camphor. Both green and black cardamom can be used to enhance the taste of food and beverages. People liken the cooling effects of black cardamom to mint. You can search Amazon for cardamom pods.


To add substantial flavor to your tea or food, you only need to use one or two green cardamom seeds. The quality of whole cardamom or pods is affected by the grinding process. This is why they are more expensive. Black cardamom is more expensive because there is less demand for it than green cardamom. It can be found in your local shop by searching cardamom pods nearby me on Google.


Black cardamom can be used in traditional Indian medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Both are home remedies. Black cardamom can also be used to treat constipation and diarrhoea in the later stages of the disease. Asthma sufferers may experience fewer symptoms when they use it. Green cardamom, on the other hand, is an excellent treatment for sleeplessness. Cardamom, both whole-seed and powdered, is good for digestion and can help with gastrointestinal problems. Cardamom pods are delicious.