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Make the Most of Your Small Room with These Wardrobe Storage Hacks

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It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house, some rooms just seem to be too small to fit everything comfortably. This is especially true when it comes to bedrooms and closets. If you’re struggling with storage in your small room, these tips will help you make the most of your wardrobe space so it doesn’t feel cramped and cluttered anymore.

What is your style?

The one common theme I see in my closet is that I love to wear ALLURE. I’m not ashamed to say it, I love fashion and clothes. I don’t like a lot of bulk or things that are too tight, so I gravitate towards things that are more loose-fitting and flowy. I also love bright colors and patterns, which is probably why my favorite color to wear is yellow. It’s great for summer because it really stands out against a tan skin tone! My favorite pieces are sleeveless button-up shirts, cute dresses with pockets (or better yet–no pockets!) and anything in denim blue.

Maximizing storage space by keeping it simple

ALLURE – Maximizing storage space by keeping it simple.

Picking out a wardrobe can be overwhelming, but don’t fret! We rounded up five hacks for getting the most out of your closet space while still looking stylish.

Invest in as many hangers as you think you will need to store your clothing, and use larger sized hangers rather than smaller ones to maximize space usage. 2. Utilize wall-mounted hooks on opposite walls in order to hang belts, scarves, purses or other accessories that are too bulky for regular shelves. 3. Create more shelving space by attaching two lengths of pre-purchased curtain rod brackets together to create one long shelf (similar products can also be found at your local hardware store). 4. Hang curtains at varying heights to create depth and add additional storage under each set of drapes. 5.

Utilize a floor-to-ceiling closet system

ALLURE’s Floor-to-Ceiling Closet System is a great way to make your small room look bigger. Not only will it help with your space, but it also increases efficiency by providing ample storage and making clothes visible at all times. Consider using vertical space for shoe storage: utilize shelves for easy access to your favorite footwear. If you want to store even more items in your closet, try adding a hidden clothing rack behind the door or in an unused corner in the room. To maximize functionality, consider getting modular shelving that can easily be configured to fit any shape or size of closet. You could add some hanging bars on one side of the wall while utilizing shelves on the other side. Adding upholstery fabric panels creates another opportunity for stylish design and gives you an opportunity to add color or patterns to an otherwise boring bedroom ensemble.

Create an organization system you can live with

If you’re lucky enough to have a small room, it can be tempting to overstuff it. However, this not only makes it hard to find anything in your closet, but also makes your room look smaller. To avoid these problems, we’ve come up with a few ways that How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger with Wardrobe Storage to make the most out of your space.

Limit what’s on display: It may seem counterintuitive, but having fewer things on display actually makes a space feel bigger because there is less clutter and more open floor space. Try buying transparent hangers or baskets that are stackable so that you don’t have to put everything out at once. Another idea is to store seasonal clothing items like coats and winter clothes in drawers or on shelves to save them for next year when they’ll be needed again. Make sure to get rid of any clothes that no longer fit, which will give you extra room for new clothes!

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