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Composite Planter Box

My husband made me a composite planter box and I love it. It’s the perfect size to grow my tomatoes and peppers in and won’t rot away with the weather like our previous one did every year. He actually didn’t put it together himself, but he did tell me exactly what I needed to get and where I could find it. I was surprised at how affordable the supplies were, and that they came from the same store we usually buy our woodworking supplies at!

Why Did my husband make me this?

We’re always looking for new ways to make our garden beds more beautiful. We want it to be a place where friends want to gather, not just some raggedy old flower beds we planted when we moved in. So my husband decided he wanted to build me an aesthetically pleasing composite planter box that would match everything else in our home. He designed it from scratch using Google SketchUp as his pencil and 3D printing for construction of everything but one last piece—the lip around it—which he milled from aluminum.

How did he build it?

My husband, who has never made anything in his life, went to Home Depot with me to look at composite planter boxes. We liked them but he knew that one would cost almost $700. In an effort to save money (and because he knew there was no way we’d get our kids on board if we spent $700) he told me he wanted to try building it himself. He spent less than $200 on all of it and figured out how to make it in less than 3 hours by following a few simple steps. The plans you see here were inspire by my friend Chelsea’s Instagram pictures. She’s pretty brilliant, so she deserves all of the credit for these instructions!

How do we maintain it?

To keep composite planter boxes looking great, you’ll need to wash them periodically. We recommend washing them at least once per year—ideally before they get too weather or splintery-looking. Mix one part bleach to nine parts water and pour it over your planter box. The bleach will prevent mold growth, meaning your planter box will stay clean longer (and look better) between washes. With regular maintenance, your composite planter should last for several years before showing signs of wear and tear. For more information on maintaining your planter boxes, visit our website. If you have any questions about caring for your own composite planter box, give us a call! We’re happy to help! Start with taking care of small things like trimming hedges, mowing lawns etc. This will increase your knowledge and also gain some experience in how businesses work along with knowing how business owners feel when their customers ask them such tasks because their budget is very tight that time. You can start with creating flyer advertisements and hang around in areas where people are most likely going to see these ads such as near bus stops, subway stations and near public buildings like schools or government offices so that when people see these flyers they can contact you immediately.

What plants do we grow?

My husband and I love plants. But unfortunately we’re both so busy that we don’t have time to properly care for them. So instead, they get neglected while they’re left in their potte state to die an unceremonious death of rot. That is, until my wonderful husband came up with a solution! He built me composite planters boxes out of wpc,. Which are now becoming one of my favorite elements in our home. Read on to learn more about my DIY composite planter boxes! We got inspired by: A friend of ours has several outdoor composters made from cement block that he construct himself. We were immediately enamore by how well they held together without any mortar—but even more so by how neat. Tidy it looked. The problem was that his composters were too large for us to move into our apartment—but we didn’t let that stop us from creating something similar but smaller (and much less stinky!) We wanted a way to grow plants in pots but still keep them contained and off our floors—so rather than creating concrete blocks like he did, we decided to try something else.