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Outdoor decor: what color for garden furniture?

Beyond its functionality and practicality, garden furniture is the main decorative outdoor furniture. Whether installed on the terrace, directly on the lawn or near the swimming pool, it sets the tone of the decor. For this, the color is an essential criterion for the choice of the low garden furniture or the dining set. The colors of the armchairs, cushions, chairs, sofas and all the elements that make it up must therefore harmonize to design a harmonious decor in harmony with the rest of the garden. Choosing a beautiful, colorful garden furniture is an excellent way to personalize an atmosphere and bring your personal touch.. Natural, sober or more vivid shades, many options are possible. Here we give you inspirations and trends to bet on the right color!

Sober and trendy colors for your garden furniture

Timeless, dark colors are very current in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Sobriety, refinement and an all-purpose look are at the rendezvous of these more refined and less risky color palettes.

Anthracite: the star of the summer

Derived from grey, anthracite is the ideal color to bring out a chic and very contemporary decoration in your garden. Indeed, it has always had the wind in its sails for a few years in outdoor furniture. An anthracite colored garden set has the advantage of being able to fit into any style (contemporary or classic), while adding a refined and pure touch to the decor. Its dark shade, which is close to black, makes it an ally of choice for both calm moments and summer evenings with friends.

A black color for chic in the garden

Black symbolizes chic and refinement. It lends itself easily to an alliance with brighter colors such as white or ecru. It is very popular with all those who want a sleek and elegant layout. It is often found applied as finishes to materials such as woven resin, aluminum or even fabrics designed for outdoor use.

Grey, timeless

Gray is a neutral color that is associated with feelings of peace, serenity and neutrality. Betting on it means limiting risk-taking and opting for no-frills garden furniture that will match the natural decor of the garden and the other furniture.

Brown: warm above all!

The brown is reminiscent of an outdoor arrangement with a traditional and rural spirit. You can also bet on a lighter shade to bring out a more contemporary design for garden furniture. In addition, brown stands out with its very natural tone, inspiring a soothing and soft feeling when using the garden furniture. It is used a lot on woven resin garden furniture for a comforting atmosphere in the garden.

White for a luminous note

All decorators recognize it: white is chic and timeless. It is regularly associated with the idea of ​​purity and peace. It is thus often found on sumptuous luxury garden furniture to create a noble and chic atmosphere outdoors. Browse collections here at Homary! Lacquered or painted on aluminum or stainless steel, it brings a luminous and refined note. We also like it on textilene cushions and seats for a very modern design.

A natural color garden furniture for calm and authenticity

Natural wood color

Perfect for highlighting a natural and authentic spirit in the garden, the wood color will easily match on a terrace or a corner of greenery. Wooden garden furniture is therefore a good option to give character to the outdoor relaxation area. The wood can have several finishes – raw, waxed, oiled. Each finish will give a different shade. This is particularly the case with teak, which is often found waxed for a lovely warm and exotic tone.


Green symbolizes the plant, it inspires zenitude…. ideal for designing a place to rest in the open air. It comes in several tones (bright, pastel, etc.) to offer a varied palette for landscaping the garden. By small touch on a garden furniture, it will give a refreshing and invigorating air to the moments spent on a daily basis, spent around a good dinner with friends or an aperitif dinner.

Original colors to brighten up your garden furniture

Want to give rhythm to your outdoor space? Bet on joyful and dynamic colors. Some vibrant colors have this ability to brighten up a garden. So why deprive yourself if you want to modernize your garden furniture. In addition, with a combination of these bright colors, our garden set will gain personality, enough to warm up the festive atmosphere of the outdoor space.


The blue color inspires wisdom, escape, but also recalls natural elements such as the sea or the sky. As such, it is a very popular color to give a summer flavor in a garden. Blue can also be popular to highlight a seaside atmosphere. On garden furniture, it is used in particular on the cushions of the sofa or armchairs to bring that little touch that will make all the difference.


Yellow is a color that has pep! It exudes cheerfulness and dynamism in the garden. We can easily imagine it on a small 2-seater garden furniture set, for example, to bring a sunny bistro atmosphere to the terrace or balcony. Of course, yellow comes in several shades such as mustard yellow or brighter yellow, in order to vary the pleasures.


Opting for red garden furniture is betting on a bold and sparkling decor. On aluminum or steel, it will give a unique atmosphere, catching the eye of all the guests. It is perfect for enhancing a balcony or garden decoration to add interesting color notes.


The Orange color is the vitamin color par excellence. It seduces all fans of colorful and original design. Mixed with more sober colors such as black or anthracite, it creates a beautiful harmony for a colorful exterior.