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If you’re looking for football sports news updates in Vietnam, you’ve come to the right place. YeuTheThao is one of the most popular sports media sites in Vietnam, covering a variety of different sports and events. The site features a vast collection of news and video content. It also offers a mobile app, live scores, and prediction games.

YouSport 8X

YouSport 8xbet is a popular Vietnamese sports news website which covers live coverage of various national and international sporting events. Its extensive sports video content covers all sorts of sports, from football, soccer, and basketball to volleyball and tennis. The site also features articles, video blogs, and a prediction game. The site also employs vetted professionals to ensure quality content.

Its comprehensive coverage of different sports

includes live scores, betting news, and calendars. It also allows users to buy tickets to sporting events and has a refund policy. It also has articles on martial arts, e-sports, and other types of sport. The website also includes information on local soccer teams.

For sports lovers, YouSport is a must-read for Vietnam

It covers a wide variety of sports and provides informative and entertaining content. Besides live football news, you can also take part in live sports prediction games and watch boxing videos from Viet Nam. YouSport also has video coverage of live football and volleyball games. For those who are not into sports, you can also find information on current events, sports news, and social health.

YouSport 8X has over sixteen million followers

one of the largest sports news websites in Vietnam. It also features breaking news stories, discussion forums, and articles on different sports. The site also provides regular updates on Vietnamese football and the Vietnamese national team. Coach Park Hang-seo is considered to be the best coach in the history of Vietnam’s football. His team has won several major international competitions and is currently competing in the 2019 SEA Games.


One of the most popular websites for Vietnamese sports news, Xem the thao789 has a growing readership and is one of the most trusted sources for local sports fans. The site publishes articles on all kinds of sports and has a comprehensive schedule of upcoming events. It is also a great source of live scoring and video content, as well as information about local leagues and events.

While most online Vietnamese sports news outlets focus on football

Xemthethao788 offers coverage of other sports. It has video content for all types of sports, as well as prediction games. It also features information on local soccer leagues, as well as the upcoming Vietnam Asian Cup.

While this website is aimed

Vietnamese football fans, it also covers other sports, including rugby. It also offers articles and videos of top matches from around the world. It also provides information about the latest developments in Vietnamese football, including the recent appointment of South Korean coach Park Hang-seo, one of the most influential coaches in Vietnamese history. Park’s coaching style has led to numerous victories in international competitions. The Vietnam national football team has qualified for the SEA Games in 2019 and is expected to compete there.

Xem the Thai 789 online also covers a wide range

sports, including tennis, basketball, rugby, and e-sports. The site offers live reporting and video content, as well as information on local soccer leagues and players. Xem the Thai 789 online sports news in Vietnam is a growing source of information about all kinds of football.

Thanh Nien Newspaper

Founded in 1986, Thanh Nien Newspaper has grown to have two million readers. The newspaper covers a wide variety of local news and sports, including football. 8xbet It also features stories on Vietnamese issues. There are many sites online that cover football sports news in Vietnam, but Thanh Nien Newspaper stands out from the crowd.

In addition to providing comprehensive football

news, Thanh Nien Newspaper and Xemtructiep both offer video content, live scores, and prediction games. Another popular Vietnamese sports website is YeuTheThao, which has news about football, videos, and standings. The website also offers live streaming for many games.

The Vietnamese football team has enjoyed

considerable international success in recent years. It won gold 8xbet at the SEA Games in 2003, and is on track to win gold in 2022. The team recently played Thailand five times in the finals, and managed to win three of them. The Vietnamese government is committed to increasing its attention to national sports.

Football was first introduced in Vietnam during the French colonial period, and began as a purely European sport. At the time, football was played only by French merchants, soldiers, and civil servants. Later, the French encouraged Vietnamese nationals to play the sport. This diverted their attention from politics and led to football spreading throughout the country.

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