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How University of Worcester is good for International Students?

How University of Worcester is good for International Students?

How University of Worcester is good for International Students?

From the University of Worcester’s friendly and safe location and the supportive international community of the University of Worcester with small class sizes and healthcare expertise. Here you should know that the how University of Worcester is good for international students.

University for International Students

UW Courses

The University of Worcester is a small, friendly university with a hands-on approach. Classes are small, which means that students benefit from the support and experience of our teachers throughout their studies. Students are also assigned a personal academic tutor to help them with any questions they may have.

University of Worcester International Support Community

Although as a medical student you will spend much of your time studying. Also, doing internships, you will always have time to take advantage of the supportive community of students around the world. With approximately seventy different nationalities represented on University of Worcester campus. Moreover, you will have the chance to experience different cultures and participate in different events, for example Lunar New Year and Diwali.

The Beautiful Historic City

Worcester is a hidden gem, relatively unknown but a beautiful place to live and study. One in ten people who live in Worcester are students (which also mean plenty of student discounts!). What really sets Worcester apart are the independent businesses in beautiful locations you won’t find in every city, from bars in 16th-century Tudor houses to burger joints under railway arches and pub gardens along the river.

Worcester is home to a host of music venues, weekly outdoor markets, a retro and pinball arcade and an indoor rock climbing center. The River Severn, the longest river in the UK, meanders past the cathedral where UW graduation ceremonies take place.

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