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Word Problems Made Easy: An Online Resource for Free

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Word problems can be difficult to solve, even when you have all the numbers on hand. But if you have an online resource that can help you solve word problems in minutes, life becomes a lot easier! Word Problems Made Easy will walk you through some of the most commonly encountered word problems online, including how to solve percent-related problems and interest-related problems quickly and easily!

How to find word problems

There are many resources available to help you solve word problems. For example, the Math Forum’s word problem resource, which is an online site filled with more than 3,000 word problems, ranging from simple to intermediate in difficulty. There’s also a Word Problem of the Day email service and a Word Problem of the Week email service.

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You can also find word problems on Khan Academy or by browsing through one of the many math textbooks available at your local book store or library. Finally, you can use the search function on Google and type word problem along with your topic of choice (e.g., 3rd grade math) to find a wealth of resources designed to help you solve your math word problem!

Examples of solved word problems

  • A farmer has a rectangle shaped field with a length of 100 meters and a width of 50 meters. What is the area of the field?
  • If I have $6,000 in my savings account, how many dollars is that?
  • If it takes 5 minutes to walk 3 blocks, how long will it take me to walk 12 blocks?
  • At Target they sell an 8oz box of Cheerios for $2.99. How much does an 8oz box cost at Web math?
  • If I am selling socks at 10 cents per pair, what is the total amount if someone buys 16 pairs of socks?

What makes these unique?

We understand that solving word problems in math class can be tough. We’ve created a website to help! You can solve word problems online for free on this website. You don’t need to register and it’s 100% free. When you first arrive, you’ll see a list of the most recently solved word problems. When you click on one, it will open up a new tab where you’ll find the problem and its answer. Once you’ve solved the problem, simply click submit at the bottom of the page and your answer will be sent to us anonymously so that we can compile our data and make sure everyone is doing well on their homework assignments. Our goal is to provide students with a safe environment where they can get help without feeling ashamed or being made fun of.

How to use these solutions

The key to solving word problems is determining the unknown and identifying what the problem is asking you to do. Once you identify these, you can use the problem solving steps below to solve any word problem.

1. Read through the whole problem and make a list of what is known and unknown.

2. Write down any formulas that may be needed to solve the problem in case you need them later on.

3. Make a table with a column labeled number followed by a column labeled operation, a third labeled answer, and finally one labeled work where you will put your work from step four (this will help us check your work).